Friday, July 4, 2014

My name is Drew Bedo I am a legally blind gentlemen

Drew Bedo
Hello my name is Drew Bedo.
In late 2002 became legally blind. One eye has no useful vision; the other has severely degraded vision. Yet, I see. There are some things that I can no longer do at all, and many things that I must now do differently. Photography is one of them. 
I create photographic images using traditional films in vintage or antique view cameras. Visual impairment has made photography more than a creative act for me. Photography has become a therapeutic affirmation of my ability to adapt to, adjust to (and accept) my condition. Photography has become more than another way of seeing. For me, photography is seeing. 

When composing an image on the ground glass of the camera, I often feel a link with the creative tradition of pioneer photographers such as William Henry Jackson, Fredrick H. Chapin and others. Lens and film technologies may be modern, but the creative process is much the same. 
Any amount of light is important to me. I am drawn to the subtle movement of light across a subject to envelop it. 
Shape defining shadows and strong patterns attract my attention. I tend to work with small subjects and compact compositions. Many of my images are still-life; found objects placed in window light. Other images are studio creations. Other work may be intimate environmental compositions. Many of my images breathe a quiet tranquility. And yet— there may also be subtle tension. 
It is not enough to photograph an object, I must capture the light that enwraps it. 
Drew Bedo waiting for the light,
below the sea-wall at Galveston Texas.

Drew Bedo 
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