Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello my name is Chris Lyon.

Hello my name is Chris Lyon.
That's most people know me as.
I lost my eye sight at the age of 4 and a half to a rare jinetic dizzies shortly known as Cone Distrifee.
This is when the cone in the eye stops working and the cells die off.

I am Deaf Blind but i still have at least 10% of hearing left.
With out my didgetal hearing aids and technology i would be completely cut off from this world.
Meaning with out my Hearing aids or any communication equipment i don't hear anything at all.

Discovering at 18 years old that i have Diabetes was a total shock, just a part of my nightmare come true but finding out that i have a rare organ distroying condition was such a shock to the system i could hardly talk to any1 for a hole week which is not like me at all.
Non the less i control it rather well.
My attitude is that ok i have a disability not that i really see it as a disability any more and i don't let anything stop me doing anything i want to do.
I work on finding away around the things i want to do.
These days i get up to lots and doing pottery is a reel joy for me.
My work has been auptioned in to charity sails.
I don't do it for money reasons at all.
I love reading books.

So much so i have disided to write a book all about my life the highs the lows, coping with living with Alstrom's and much more besides.
When i am not doing pottery or reading books i spend lots of time chatting to meeting and hanging out with my friends.
But having social media has helped me to stay true to my self.

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  1. Hey Chris! thanks for posting on this site! I'm so impressed with your outlook on life!!!!!! You are a total bad ass! i hope you decide to create your own blog so people can learn more about your journey's through life. thanks again for sharing!