Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello, My name is Fatmatta Wurie and I am a visually impaired woman.

Hello, My name is Fatmatta Wurie and I am a visually impaired woman. The story around my vision loss have been a very interesting one. I currently suffer from a hereditary macular dystrophy called Stargardts. But that is not the final name because my journey continues. I am still undergoing research to give my disease a name and find out how where it orgininated from. Becoming visually impaired has changed my whole outlook on life and how I spend my days on this earth. I always saying losing my vision is "a blessing in disguise" because I have learned and gained so much from other visually impaired and blind individuals.

I am currently in school studying Information Technology and Business Management. I am in my senior year and hope to graduate soon. Losing my vision and beinf an IT student, I have found a new love for augmented reality and finding adaptable solutions to make working in society a little easier for individuals who are blind a visually impaired. Its sounds like a huge project but, it is one that I truly enjoy. Hope to create an adaptive technology that the world can use. 

I have become a self-advocate for the visually impaired community and I hope to meet other self-advocates. Please follow and read my blog at I hope you enjoyed my little synposis on who I am. All my contact information is located in my blog. 

Fatmatta Wurie

 Fatmatta A. Wurie
"What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality." - Plutarch

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