Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi, my name is Keith Edgerton and I am visually impaired.

Keith Edgerton 
Hi, my name is Keith Edgerton and I am visually impaired.  I was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa  and have been legally blind since March 10, 2005. What does that mean to me? Well, basically I do everything I have ever done in life except drive a car. I've never had good night vision and as I grow older, my blind spots grow bigger. I basically have tunnel vision. I love the outdoors! I love to hike. Bicycle, surf, kayak, paddle board, swim and row. I love to travel. I love to play sports but really can't play team sport anymore. It wouldn't be safe for me or others. Someday I will probably have to stop riding my bike by myself but for now I still feel safe. 

I live in Olympia, WA and I am currently a Construction Services and Sustainability Coordinator for St. Peter Hospital. I love working in the sustainability field and I have a degree in Architecture from Kansas State University. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1992 but I grew up on Long Island, NY and Northern New Hampshire. 

I have an amazing blended family with my wife Kiirsten, my daughters Sierra and Acadia and my stepson Ian. I am surrounded by amazing family and friends who love and support me through all of the ups and downs life has to offer. 
I started a blog this year to hopefully help people understand my vision better and what adjustments I am going through to stay active and employed. My visual impairment has brought so much joy to my life and made me such a better person.  The road to accepting my eyes has been a long and rough one at times and there are plenty of moments of struggle along the way. I hope my blog can help people understand the many nuances of being legally blind and also be a place where visually impaired people can relate to what my life looks like.  
Please check out my blog and I would love to hear from you!!!

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  1. Hi Keith; Glad to meet you. Its max another rp guy from houston texas. I help people sell amusement equipment online. I'd love to travel more and hope you share some of your travel tips on the blog. I'm almost totally blind. I envy you being able to still ride a bike and participate in other solo sports. good luck, max