Sunday, June 29, 2014

My name is Kerry Kijewski and I am a visually impaired Woman

Kerry Kijewski
My name is Kerry Kijewski and I was born blind. My younger brother and I were both born blind and we are extremely close because of it. We use music and writing to find our way forward.
I have used words to help me deal with life as a visually impaired person. Writing and literature have always been my escape and my salvation. They allow my imagination to flourish.

When I turned thirty I started a blog and I use it to express myself through words. I write about the things, the places, and the people I love. My first ever blog post was a bucket list of the thirty things I am determined to do before I turn sixty. I use HerHeadache to bring awareness to the causes that are important to me. These include equal rights for people with disabilities, organ donation, mental health, and infertility issues. I hope to make a difference, in some small way, and to have my voice heard.

I have been working on writing a novel, which I started with the motivation from NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It is a story of how three generations of a family deal with grief and loss. The three things that most interest, amaze, and baffle me are: birth, love, and death. I write about these most often.

I write short stories, interview other authors and people making a difference in the world, movie and show reviews, and travel articles. I hope to one day make a living from writing. It isn’t easy finding the way through life and showing others we who are blind are just as capable of contributing to society. I am determined to find my own way.

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