Saturday, June 28, 2014

My name is Heidi Ajudan Smith and I am a blind woman.

Heidi Ajudan Smith
Hello my name is Heidi Ajudan Smith I would like to tell you why Celine Dion means so much to me. Here is a little bit about my life.
 Losing so many people in my life, including my six siblings.
 Surviving five near deaths incidents.  Losing my eye site at three months of age. Almost losing my mother, brother, and father. Me being bullied through my entire school life. And last but not least, living a military life style.
These are the things that I have been through, and yes, Celine, the woman of my beautiful dreams, has helped me through them all.
Celine Dion
I didn't even know that it was her that has helped me through all of these times until I was 15 in a taking chances concert that she did in San Antonio, Texas.
I remember after the concert my father telling me a little bit about her, and after the show her when I was listening to a song that my father told me that she sings, called 
My heart will go on, so that is how I really got to know her and her voice, and her as a person.
And the type of fan that I am?

She's still helping me out with life today, and yes, I would love   to meet her. I have her entire disckography on my I pod, and I'm so proud of it.
That's all I need. I'm not a true fan because of all her things I have, but because I love her so much.
You see, there are three or four types of people.
1. People who don't give a care about her or her music at all.
2. People who like her just for her things.
3. People that just love her and her things, and that's all they ever talk about and they also tend to not include themselves in every day life.
4. People that are extremely passionate about her, have her music, or some other things, but they still have a social life, and don't consitter her to be their life day in and day out.
I am at number.
To be a true fan is to love her with all your heart, but don't make her your life.
Make her your passion.
Yes some of us may not have all of her things, but you don't need all of her things. You just need to love her with all your heart. I hope to meet her one day as a true fan, 
And this is why Celine Dion means so much to me.

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