Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mother of three still manages to care for her family even though she has gone completely blind Read more at

Nicole Rasmussen is just like many moms in many ways: she cooks dinner, she loves and cares for her children, she has a supportive husband.
But the one thing that sets her apart makes her the miraculous and incredible woman she is: she recently went completely blind.
It wasn’t always that way.
The health issues started a year after Nicole’s wedding, when she was experiencing frequent headaches and slurred speech. Doctors ultimately discovered a bacteria attacking her brain. She was in a coma for two weeks.
Six months after her recovery, the bacteria came back, and it was then that she quickly lost her vision.
Luckily, Nicole has a supportive family, and a loving husband. Sometimes, she video chats her husband during the day and he helps her find things in and around the house.
Nicole writes about the challenges of cooking, shares recipes, and talks about her experiences “cooking in the dark’ on her blog,


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  1. inspirational. this is the sort of good news story I need when the social workers are telling me that I can't possibly look after my family. thanks